Demo 2011

by Burn Infinite




Recorded by Mykey at The Icebox, November 2011


released November 16, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Burn Infinite



all rights reserved


Burn Infinite California

A band that's got one purpose, sonic aggression

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Track Name: Bite Back
he's gone/ she ain't coming back/ it's almost over/ and they're leaving too tough break kid/in the end/ all you truly got is you/ you wish this was over/you just want something new/the push/the pull/the pain is too much/and it's got you beat/the pressures on/let it make you stronger/once you reach the limit/you're only half way full/the hand that feeds/has put you in a cage/unlock with rage/so bite back/at the hand you're dealt/so fight back/armed with the rage you felt/like an animal out of the cage/it's time to profit/from rage/ bite back/fight back/it's time to profit/from rage/pain/is the way you gain/rage/is the way you stay/this is for winter/this is for hard times/this is when you want to quit/endure/withstand/and never forfeit/ i bite back at the hand i'm dealt/attack through this rage i felt/animal out of the cage/profit from rage
Track Name: Mother Mary
mother mary/were you there for me/do you care for me/if so/ say a fucking prayer for me/am i forsaken/am i alone/condemned to rot/in this hell/is this for the choice i made/is this for the path i walk/is my life/some sick fucking joke/and everywhere i turn/it's just another dead end/another false hope/gives me proof/i'm truly alone/mother mary/ can you show me/one fucking sign/mother mary/can you show me that you just give a fuck/one time/am i looking to a dead god/or if not/an empty fucking sky/say a prayer for me/now i'm alone/in the unknown/now i pray to the shadow/thanks for all you gave
Track Name: Oldboy
I'm tired/beaten/a sullen soul full of desperation/no mans an island/but i'm in hell/i'm in isolation/exiled in self/im alone in a crowded room/i've been there before/never again/no more/i got better/became stronger than before/when it fell/this is when i became more than a man/this is when/i turned to stone/i rise above/this all/i'm stronger than/i can stand/i'm not a reed in the wind/im not a reed in the wind/im fucking made of stone/ an immovable object/my eyes are opened/fears and illusions have burned away/burned away