En Fury

by Burn Infinite

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released December 23, 2013



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Burn Infinite California

A band that's got one purpose, sonic aggression

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Track Name: burn infinite - En Fury
we're slipping through the cracks
trying to find a purpose
something to hold on to
something to believe in
yet everything falls short
we're betting on tomorrow
the hours at it's darkest
we're praying for daylight
even tho i'm with faith
i'm pushing myself to fight
i aint going quiet
i'm not going down
without a fight
now it's time to carry the torch
and ignite the fury
now it's time to where the crown
now it's time to rise
it's time to rise
it's time to get the fuck back up
its time to fight
lets get our shine on
fuck what holds me back
and fuck what holds me down
Track Name: Mother Mary
are you there for me
do you care for me
if so
say a prayer for me
am i forsaken
am i alone
condemned to rot
in this hell
is this for the choices made
is this for the path i walk
is my life one sick fucking joke
everywhere i turn
it's just another dead another false hope just gives me proof
i'm truly alone
mother mary
can you show me one fucking sign
mother mary
can you show me just this once
you give a fuck
one time
am i looking to a dead god
or if not
it's just an empty fucking sky
mother mary say a prayer
do you care
where you ever there
say a prayer for me
now i'm alone facing the unknown
now i pray to the showdows
thanks for nothing
mother mary
do you care for me
mother mary say a prayer for me
Track Name: The Fall
i sit back/and watch it all fall/whatch the world just come down/to the fucking ground/i could give a fuck less/ this is nothing new to me/this is my day to day/where you end/ this is where i begin/time to pay for your crimes/pay for your sins/welcome to my life/this is my solid ground/ your on my level/ they were once above all/ i hoped i prayed for there fall/ take it all away/you and i are now the same
Track Name: Project Monarch
the faces change/yet the crooks remain the fucking same/not after money/they want your mind/ your body/ your soul/ complete control. we're all asleep/ all while they control us with the american dream/let us think we have a choice/ a mind/or a voice. they are the mind for the mindless/they are the eyes for the blind/they are awake for the sleeping/it's time we seek the truth/i've got my eyes when most are fucking blind/ if you think this is false/you said you want some fucking proof/ just take a look around/ the writing is on the wall/ they are the mind/for the mindless/they are the eyes/for the blind/they are awake/ for the sleeping
Track Name: Rot Alone
you keep on failing/keep on falling/keep on losing/ as i watch you die/ you've got no hope/ you're slowly dying/ decaying inside out/ in disgust/ i walk away/ i'm tired of trying/ i'm tired of watching you burn/ i'm sick of watching you sink/ you're a shell of what you've become/ i've had enough/ you and i are done/ you're the walking dead with a heartbeat/you're a shell/ of what you've become. i'm sick of watching you/ kill yourself.
Track Name: Bite Back
he's gone/ she ain't coming back/ it's almost over/ and they're leaving too tough break kid/in the end/ all you truly got is you/ you wish this was over/you just want something new/the push/the pull/the pain is too much/and it's got you beat/the pressures on/let it make you stronger/once you reach the limit/you're only half way full/the hand that feeds/has put you in a cage/unlock with rage/so bite back/at the hand you're dealt/so fight back/armed with the rage you felt/like an animal out of the cage/it's time to profit/from rage/ bite back/fight back/it's time to profit/from rage/pain/is the way you gain/rage/is the way you stay/this is for winter/this is for hard times/this is when you want to quit/endure/withstand/and never forfeit/ i bite back at the hand i'm dealt/attack through this rage i felt/animal out of the cage/profit from rage